first year at university!





19th August, 2015… college offers’ day – Most people would have woken up before 6 am (the official time for offer releases) to prepare themselves for their offers. Me? HAHA! I was one of the more logical ones – I was asleep – I’m not even joking when I say logical. That offer wasn’t going to fly away, I wasn’t prepared to cut my sleep short just to check an offer that was going to determine my future for the next four years #priorities ! Despite that, I somehow did wake up minutes after 6 am. I screenshot my offer, sent it to my parents and went back to sleep – this gal loves sleep.

Biotechnology. What is it? I accepted it having little knowledge of what I was getting myself into, but honestly? After an extra year of school, I was willing to settle for anything, although, I was actually pleased to have gotten it, from what I knew about it, it sounded exciting!

So, after a year in college and having done no biotechnology whatsoever yet, here’s what I know about it – biotechnology involves the manipulation of DNA/genes or the use of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, etc…) for the benefit of humans. This includes bacteria in yogurt production, yeast in alcohol production, microorganisms in vaccines, production of antiobiotics and other pharmaceuticals, as well as plant-related benefits – which ultimately benefits humans. It involves a lot of lab work, very chemistry and biology based and is definitely the kind of thing I have always had interest in.

Unfortunately, like I said, I have not done any biotechnology yet! At Maynooth University, first year consists of general science which is science studied in school at a more advanced level, it’s not until second year that biotechnology is introduced, WHICH IS ONLY 12 DAYS AWAY FROM TODAY YAY!

21/09/2015… my first day – like the majority of people on their first day of college, I was both excited and downright anxious. I am about to enter a whole new world filled with faces I have never seen and places I have never been!

I went to Maynooth Univeristy once before. Way back in 2011, when I was in transition year (year 4 of secondary school here in Ireland). My school’s guidance counsellors used to organise a trip to Maynooth for TY students seeing that it’s the closest univeristy to the school and it accepts the majority of people from our school on a yearly basis. Back then and right up until 2014 I hadn’t considered it as an option for the future, mainly because I would have rathered begin at a university where there are a minimal amount of people that I knew from school. I wanted to start fresh, but having went back to school for an extra year, I wasn’t so iffy about it anymore.

I am not going to lie, I walked around campus for about 15 minutes on my first day of college because I got lost and the sign posts confused me even more. I was supposed to go to the John Hume building, and whilst I knew how it looked like having came to Maynooth a few years back, I somehow ended at it’s back door without knowing that it’s the same building, which meant I was walking around like a headless chicken looking for a building I was standing beside to begin with! It took about a week or two for me to get used to it all!

The top three pictures were taken on the first Wednesday of my college life. They’re taken on the South Campus and they show St Patrick’s Church, the library (my nest during exam period) and a portion of St. Joseph’s Square. South Campus mainly belongs to St. Patrick’s University – a theology college and I had maths lectures there as well as tutorials and chemistry tutorials. North Campus, on the otherhand, belongs to the main university, Maynooth University. I had the majority of my lectures there (maths, chemistry, biology and mathematical physics) and all of my labs (chemistry and biology). I love South Campus because it’s a getaway from the busy atmosphere of college, although Maynooth is, in general, much, much calmer compared to many other universities.



This photo is of the backdoor of Logic House. Logic House, is home to mathematics and music departments. This is where my week started and ended. I had a maths tutorial first thing on Monday morning (9 a.m.) and I dropped in last thing before I went home on Friday evening, to hand up assignments.

Logic House has a main door at the front, but once you discover this one you’ll never use the front door. I swear, it took blood, sweat and tears to open the front door, IT WAS SO HEAVY FOR SUCH A TINY AND FRAGILE PERSON!

14285571_10153770285711770_857481305_oThis cute seating area is located on North Campus, on the first floor of the Eolas building. The Eolas building was the newest addition to the university and it housed the computer science labs and other tech-y people.

I have no yet had the privilege of trying out these seats because the weather has been atrocious!




Inside the library, before exam season. Look how beautifully empty it used to be! Coming up to exam season, especially summer exams… This library turns into The Hunger Games. You’ll see people legging it across the room to get that seat that’s about to be vacated.




This photo on the right is a snapshot, also from the library. I believe I was studying for a biology MCQ which would have been after my chemistry lab. I had chemistry labs on Thursdays at 10:15am until 12:15pm and then biology labs at 2pm until 5pm.


The above three pictures are taken on South Campus, behind St. Patrick’s University. There is a nice walking area and lots of greenery as well as a cemetry at the end of those triangular trees (middle photo)!


And to end this post, is another photo taken on South Campus. This little gem of a garden is tucked away beside Logic House and it blooms so well during the summer and looks magical during Autumn. I sometimes come here during exam period to de-stress beside the mini waterfall contraption and if I am lucky enough I’ll see the local bunny hopping about!

Feel free to give feedback on this post and suggest topics for my next blog post! Do you go to Maynooth? What is your favourite location and why? If not, tell me about your favourite location at your college/university! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Until the next post, Mar.




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