Inspiration and Strange Concepts

It has been two weeks since my last blog post which really hit off with readers – according to my blog stats – from Ireland and expanding out to the USA, Germany, Italy etc… Talk about motivation and inspiration to write more!

I initially wanted to post on a weekly basis, but you don’t realise how demanding keeping up with posting original material is. I often read well-written posts and I am usually oblivious to the amount of effort and time it takes to plan and write. Which brings me to the topic of “inspiration”. Two weeks ago, I was inspired to write about university since I was soon-to-be heading back to college. This week my search for inspiration was a little tougher, although, inspiration was my inspiration.

(I don’t know about you but at this stage the word “inspiration” just sounds so weird and not so real, sorry folks! )

Today was day three of the new academic year and I sat through four lectures, two of which were chemistry, a biology and a mathematics lecture. It was in biology that I had a devine intervention screaming at me to write about today’s topic. So… what inspired me?

After our introduction to the module by our coordinator, our biology lecturer did something he is “not used to doing”… talking about himself, apparently. It is always nice hearing other people’s stories, where they came from, how did they get here, why they are here… I think these things give you a feel of who this person is. It is usually the experiences in our lives that have a significant effect on who we become as people. It is even more special when it comes from people who you have a unique relationship with, a formal one, rather than a personal one. There is a, sort of, comfort in knowing personal details about others that you engage with.

What my biology lecturer was trying to do, was not to boast about his success, although (my goodness) he had been so lucky to have so many opportunities and successes in his life. This human, having travelled and worked around the world and back, was standing in front of (approximately 200+) students as a lecturer, when he could have been in New York possibly a millionare of some sort! And while he could have been there, he chose to be with us and feeding our little minds with knowledge. Today, he inspired.

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Inspiration is one of the fundementals of life, in my opinion. It seems so hard to find inspiration but it is something that is always around us if we look at life in different perspectives. It is a strong force that drives us to achieve the impossible, a boost in the right direction. It can be something as minor as being inspired to bake bread (shout out to all my bread-loving readers, you guys are the real MVPs!) while watching the Great British Bake Off, or as significant as Steve Jobs’ achievements, a college drop-out and founder of Apple, despite the great emphasis on education when it comes to the workplace. Steve Jobs was quoted saying “the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do”. It is all about having a unique outlook on life and the drive to achieve, the inspiration.

The most fulfilling thing about inspiration is that it usually abolishes popular beliefs and acts as proof that anything is possible – and rightly so… anything is possible.

Inspiration has been significant in how I go about my own personal life. In our secondary school yearbook, I was asked where I wanted to be in 10 years time and to be someone who inspires was on the agenda and still is!14453841_10153807537141770_1666180589_o

To be inspired, you have to dig deeper and sometimes dwelling in thoughts can help you discover “freaky” concepts. After returning home from college, I was filling the mother in on my day in college and we, somehow (don’t ask how), ended up talking about life in general, sharing memories from her childhood and talking about how weird it is that our brain remembers such minor and insignificant parts of our lives and hardly any special occasions. That brought me to something I always think about. A strange, but true, concept. That we are our brains. Our brains control our movement, our breathing, our sight, everything. I even joked about being “brains trapped inside human bodies” (I am hilarious, I know… Can you sense the sarcasm?)

I know I have gone way off topic but it is such a strange and freaky concept that I found myself losing sleep thinking about some nights (I’m sorry if you stay up all night after this) but it’s interesting and fascinating. And it is amusing how these curious brains of ours determine what inspires us, our interests, how we perceive others and life in general.

Have you ever been inspired? Was it significant? Or have you ever had out of the ordinary but true ideas that are never looked at from your perspective? If yes, then go ahead and comment below, let me know, keep me up all night!

‘Til next time,




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