The Art of People Watching

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed myself doing this week, it’d be watching people. We come across so many people of different ages and walks of life and I just found it amusing to watch and think.

womans-legs-887286_960_720It’s study week at college,  so it’s only natural that I am distracting myself in any way possible. I sit at Starbucks, alone, sipping on my cupán tae, staring in the distance and avoiding any possibilities of eye contact. I look outside and spot an ever so familiar scene. A woman, a conferring ceremony attendee, I assume, rushing off towards someone, hand waving in the distance. And the amusing part? The high heels. Oh, the high heels. If there is one thing I have always found fascinating, it is watching women trying to run to places in high heels. It’s just never not funny watching people almost wobbling to the floor because of poor choice in shoes. Despite that, high heels will remain to be worn and that is just perfect (perfect for my amusement, obviously).

pexels-photoI was upstairs earlier. Our college has many different study space plans. I was in the open space area (It featured in my first blog post). Large desks aligned across the top floor, eight seats to each desk, although, you could fit it another four people, perhaps. I was situated in such a way that I could see every soul that walks in and out of the study space and I couldn’t help but see two girls, heads held high, brimming with pride and delight. In their hands? Starbucks cups. Oh the horror. A rebellious act in our college. Drinks and food are forbidden in the library. These girls have managed to sneak in hot drinks past the unbelievably observant library staff and those girls were proud, and they had every right to be! Getting past the library staff takes skill! Later when I went for my tea at Starbucks, I spotted another girl wrapping up her cup very well; it was almost like watching someone trying to conceal illegal weapons. It was quite an enjoyable scene, I must say.

I gathered from watching people this week that people-watching is a form of art. Ideally, when you look at a painting, or read a poem, hear a song or watch a dance, it makes you think, wonder, feel a certain way – that is exactly the impact people-watching had on me.

pexels-photo-42428-1Yesterday morning I was on the bus to college. I made my way to the back of the bus (prime spot for watching) and a lovely old couple sat side-by-side. It filled my heart with joy watching them, how they spoke to each other, how they looked each other and how they smiled at each other. I couldn’t hear them talk, but I could see happiness in their eyes. I could see the love that connects them together, a love that has probably sparked up forty, fifty, maybe even more years ago. Can a love last this long? Is it possible for two people to love each other as much as they did years ago? It made me wonder what their story was and how they met. I wondered how their life has been like together and what made them stick with each other all those years. I had so many questions and I wish I could ask them. Nonetheless, I felt so content and at ease. These little things give you hope, makes you realise there’s good in the world – which I don’t doubt at all – but sometimes you need small reminders like those.

We live in the wonderful era of technology and it’s sometimes hard to appreciate our surroundings and the people who cross our paths daily. From the moment we wake up, ’til the moment we go to sleep, we’re exposed to technology – phones, TVs, laptops, etc… Sometimes we need to put everything down for a few moments and just watch the people around us. Sometimes we need to stop letting technology consume us and live the reality in front of us.

Next time you’re looking for hope or a way of passing time, just watch and you’ll be surprised at how fascinating people actually are.


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