I hate politics but #ICantKeepQuiet

In my last post I discussed the bad reputation millennials have suffered. One of the points I made included our dependency on technology – namely, social media. I have admitted that we, millennials have and continue to use social media as a coping mechanism (“seeking validation”) as well as a platform to “over-share“.

If you have been on Twitter, reading up on news articles, or you may even have seen screenshots on your Facebook feed – a dispute between the newly inaugurated president of the USA and the current president of Mexico is ongoing, with President Vincente Fox Que’s tweets consisting of nothing but his views on President Trump. This is why I hate politics. It seems that criticism of millennials’ use of social media is acceptable but no one questions or feels any sort of concern as to why world leaders, two – fully grown- men like Trump and Fox feel the need to use Twitter in their feud instead of dealing with their problems like adults do, in person.


I was never a fan of politics growing up. I never had interest in current affairs and every time a politician spoke, I chose not to listen. But we are now in an age where we’re continuously exposed to politics whether we like it or not. The scary thing about politics is the secrets we know little about. There could be many underlying reasons as to why some politicians are congratulating and welcoming corrupt leaders into our countries on our behalf – but being the average citizen in any given country, perhaps ignorance is bliss.

We are at a critical time in politics where many truths are being unravelled and many of us must dig ourselves out of our cocoons and start demanding that our politicians and leaders listen to us instead of carrying on with destroying the countries we live in for their own convenience. One notable action taken by women worldwide has been circulating the internet for the past couple of days – the Women’s March

Throughout the many decades that have passed, women have been in constant battles for their basic human rights and despite the odds being against us all those years we somehow persevere – just like the women who came before us. Why do we persevere? Because we believe in ourselves and our abilities. We are powerful beyond belief and we have continuously proved ourselves.

Looking back in history, there are many examples of the women we look up to, a reminder of why we should not let anyone silence us.

  • The suffragettes were a group of women who fought for the rights of women to vote and today most of us have a privilege still not available to many women around the world.
  • Marie Curie a physicist and chemist, known for her research on radioactivity, became the first female professor at the University of Paris. She has been awarded the Nobel Prize in both Chemistry (1911) and Physics (1903)
  • Rosa Parks, an American woman, the first lady of civil rights and who’s been known for her arrest after her refusal to give up a seat for a white man in Alabama. She was a strong advocate of racial equality.
  • Oprah Winfrey, by far one of the most iconic and influential women the 2oth & 21st century television has seen. A woman of colour and most certainly an inspiration to all.
  • Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani activist advocating female education and general human rights. She is known for being shot in the head but has lived to become the youngest to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.

So, if you decide to shut women down for being women, remember the achievements of those before us and just wait for the many more achievements to come!

Followed by Trump’s inauguration and fuelled by his views on women, women (and men) have taken to the streets all over the world, not to protest against Trump in particular but rather on a Women’s March – a march aimed to raise awareness of and protest against the unfair treatment and objectification of women. It’s a protest of basic human rights, some women want the right to abortion, others a right to vote, or simply an equal right to their fellow partners, brothers, male co-workers, etc… This is a mere overview of the reasons to the march.

https-%2f%2fblueprint-api-production-s3-amazonaws-com%2fuploads%2fcard%2fimage%2f360675%2f118f3266-93c3-43ba-9104-eebd17275df6Looking through social media, women’s voices are certainly not going unnoticed. Images of women from all walks of life are making a resounding appearance; black, white, Muslim, atheist, young, old… The diversity and complexity is so profound and the reasons for their march expands beyond our limited imagination. But the most beautiful feature noticed in all those photos is the unity, the comfort these women find in each other, the support they have for each other. This support is seen in many shapes and forms but one video that has been circulating the internet under the hashtag #ICantKeepQuiet shows a group of women expressing themselves through a song. Reports on social media claim that these women have never met before and have united on that day in solidarity with each other. If women can unite over a song, they can certainly unite over bigger things!

Let’s not dismiss the men that have also taken part in the march who recognise that these women are also their daughters, their sisters, their mothers, their aunts and their partners.

As a woman I believe that all women should be celebrated, all women should be embraced. We shouldn’t feel ashamed for having the identity of a woman. Why should we, anyway? After all, we’re made up of flesh, skin and bone just like everybody else. We have intelligence in brains that never sleep and love in hearts that never tire. We study hard, work hard and have abilities that know no boundaries.

We are women and we will win.



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