I’ve decided to take a break from writing

The mind is a deep blue ocean reflecting sunshine into the world; but some days are dark and foggy. Buried into the ocean floor are souls of forgotten memories. Though they’re forgotten, they occasionally make it to the shores unexpectedly and stay there, temporarily. Inside my head I feel storms driving the high tides that crush my very being. But, if it wasn’t for those waves I wouldn’t have been crafted and shaped into the strong being I am today. Inside my head the deep blue ocean sparkles as the sun kisses its surface, filling it with warmth and tranquillity. Oftentimes I hear a trickle of hope that ripples across the entire ocean and that’s when I know that everything is going to be okay.

Disclaimer: I’ve decided to take a break from writing, hence the short post this week. Although I’ve no intentions at this moment in time, I may be back in two weeks. If not, just know that I’m grateful for the tremendous support and anticipation 💖


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